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Ok, so giving someone a copy of Metaeconomics (the Book is now available) is perhaps not it! But, then again, perhaps someone you know could gain from considering an alternative economic framework and theory that can be used to give new insights into bringing the US Economy back onto a track that works for everyone. And, if that new track can be found, it would also calm the political chaos and turmoil as it relates to the Political Economy. The Book is about Tempering Excessive Greed, and seeking an Optimal Inequality in Income and Wealth, among other things. It may even help you make more sense of why your relationship with a significant other is working, or, how to fix it if it is not: The book is about the best balance in I&We (see the Blog on Now That the Election is Over...), Individual&Community, Self&Other (shared with others, yet still internal to the own-self) -interest, and, writ large, balancing Market&Government. So, consider the possibilities at:

For those of you affiliated with Universities, see the SpringerLink part of your University Library. The book is available for download (for no charge for the pdf or e-book version, in that the University is paying the subscription fee, or for a nominal charge for paper version) to all faculty and students.

The SpringerLink site is --- and, just type in Metaeconomics in the Search box if it does now show here (and, other kinds of Metaeconomics are also listed as options at the SpringerLink site: See the section in Chapter 4 titled Kinds of Metaeconomics, in Lynne, 2020, to see how the various types relate to one another):

And, for those who favor the Kindle Reader experience, it is also available through Amazon Kindle at (either as Rental, by the month, or for Buying):

The Hard Cover paper copy will also be available through both Palgrave Macmillan and Amazon around mid-December.

So, hopefully you find it intriguing, and, will also consider joining in taking Metaeconomics to the next level: I believe it has a huge potential. What think?


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