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Why Liberalism (Actually It Did Not) Failed

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

and, How It Can be Revitalized With Metaeconomics

(Updated October, 2022)

Patrick Deneen, a political philosopher and theorist, Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame, has created quite a stir with claims for Why Liberalism Failed (Deneen, 2019). He has become a regular speaker by invitation at various meetings of academics in universities. He has also gained attention on both Left and Right on the political spectrum, although perhaps the most attention by several on the Right.

Deneen (2019) is speaking to the failure of Classical Liberalism, sourced out of the Enlightenment starting in the late-1600s, as represented in contemporary expressions of Market (Neo)liberalism supported mainly by people on the Right of the political spectrum, and in Cultural liberalism supported mainly by people on the Left.

The failure on both Right and Left has led to the political (economic) chaos we are experiencing. Deneen (2019) is bringing certain solutions to the table, reflecting an integration of (Catholic theology based) Christianity and (Western) Philosophy, brought together in political theory.

The original Metaeconomics Blog about Why Liberalism Failed was posted on August 14, 2019. Please go visit it again, as it was substantively updated and refined during the period October, 2021 through February, 2022. See : The Blog works to make sense of the Deneen (2019) frames using Metaeconomics after Lynne (2020), with said reframing pointing to the real political economic problem that needs attention. Also, a book review has been completed of Deneen (2018/2019), at Lynne (2022, in press).

Lynne, Gary D. Review of Deneen, Patrick J. (2018; paperback and Kindle ed., 2019). Why Liberalism Failed. New Haven: Yale University Press. Library of Congress Control Number: 2017937443 ISBN 978-0-300-22344-6 (hardcover : alk. paper) ISBN 978-0-300-24002-3 (pbk.) Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy (2022, in press).

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